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Declan Traill  BSc

My name is Declan Traill. I am a Senior Software Engineer from Melbourne Australia. I am a Science graduate from Melbourne University where I was a resident of Ormond College, as were the three previous generations of my family. Science was my first love & continues to be my enduring passion and hobby. I am married, with two young daughters, and love family life. I do my Physics & programming when I can find time, which is quite infrequently at the moment as the kids require a lot of time and attention.


The papers presented on this site are the results of my thoughts and analysis of Physics in general and in particular Relativity, Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics. These Theoretical findings form a coherent Physical Model of the Physics that form our Universe and have been worked on by myself over the past ~23 years in bursts of activity (when time permits or inspiration strikes).

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